About Us

Who We Are

Trail Pet Hospital, founded in 2019 by solo-veterinarian, Dr. Jeffrey Suh, is a small independently-owned veterinary hospital that has built a unique care model that focuses on providing high-quality, compassionate care at an affordable price. In addition to routine veterinary wellness exams, vaccinations, and dental care, Trail Pet Hospital specializes in treating complex patients, providing emergency care, and taking on special procedures, such as ultrasounds, radiographs, challenging soft tissue surgeries, and more.

At Trail Pet Hospital, we go the extra mile for our patients -- and oh my, do those extra belly rubs and head scratches go a long way with our four-legged friends! We understand veterinary specialists can be hard to come by and are often extremely expensive, which is why we are committed to creating a well-rounded care team that possesses an all-around skill set that brings unique perspectives to the table. Everything we do is designed to provide those we serve with the clinical veterinary services their pets need, as well as the education and resources needed to help them lead happy, healthy, humane, and fun-filled lives together!

Two cute labrador puppy dogs sitting on a table

“Here At Trail Pet, We Would Like To Foster An Environment Where Our Staff Can Practice The Highest Quality Of Medicine At An Affordable Price. Your Pet's Health Is Important To Us And We Are Willing To Go The Extra Mile To Ensure That Proper Care Is Given.”

— Dr. Jeffrey Suh, Trail Pet Hospital Veterinarian & Owner

Our Mission, Vision, & Values

The Trail Pet Mission

Trail Pet Hospital is dedicated to creating a unique, well-rounded care team that provides those we serve with exceptional, compassionate, and high-quality veterinary care for their pets at an affordable rate, as well as the education and resources needed to help them lead happy, healthy, humane, and fun-filled lives together!

The Trail Pet Vision

To become the leading veterinary hospital in North Dallas by creating a unique care experience that is designed to exceed the needs of those we serve by providing compassionate, high-quality, and affordable veterinary care.

The Trail Pet Values

Trust. Respect. Advocacy. Integrity. Loyalty.

Whether interacting with our wonderful patients and business partners or our own team members, Trail Pet Hospital is guided by the following TRAIL Values:

  • We foster an environment of mutual TRUST and RESPECT among one another.

  • We are committed to ADVOCATING for what’s in the best interest of all parties and are driven by INTEGRITY to always do the right thing by each other.

  • Just like our four-legged friends, we value LOYALTY. We enjoy what we do and love to see our patients and furry friends smile!

T R A I L Values

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