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Dr. Jeffrey Suh

Dr. Jeffrey Suh, DVM

Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Jeff grew up in Hawaii but then moved to the mainland to study Biology at Carleton College in Minnesota.  After college, he reconnected with his Korean roots by moving to South Korea, where he ultimately met his wife and attended Konkuk University Veterinary School.  Upon receiving his degree in 2006, Dr. Jeff worked at specialty hospitals in South Korea, volunteered at U.S. military bases under the U.S. Boarded Veterinary Surgical Specialists, and studied at the University of Guelph Veterinary School located in Canada.

Dr. Jeffrey Suh went on to open Trail Pet Hospital in 2019 with a desire to provide quality veterinary care at an affordable price and give him the flexibility to do more of what he loves. Dr. Suh has over a decade of experience practicing veterinary medicine all around the world in places like South Korea, Canada, California, and now Texas. He believes in creating well-rounded medical professionals and teams that possess all-around skill sets and bring unique perspectives to the table.

photo of Dr. Yohan Kim, DVM

Dr. Yohan Kim, DVM

Dr. Kim was born in South Korea. He received his degree at Konkuk University in 2010. He began a veterinary career as a research veterinarian in the vaccine company. Then he wanted to study more about the transmission of viruses and joined a graduate school at the University of Minnesota in 2014.

He received a Master’s degree and began the Program for the Assessment of Veterinary Education Equivalence (PAVE) for accreditation of his veterinary license to start working as a licensed veterinarian in the US. He successfully completed clinical experience evaluation at Louisiana State University and started working in the Dallas area in 2021.

Dr. Kim is married to Dr. Im, a renowned veterinarian who set up a canine mammary gland tumor classification system.

They have been enjoying North Texas life with a beautiful long-haired dachshund, Yeo-rum (Summer in Korean).

When Dr. Kim is not caring for his patients, he enjoys playing baseball, softball, and golf, and reading recent small animal research papers.

Mika Bilicki

Mika Bilicki

Veterinary Intern

Mika first came to Trail Pet Hospital in 2020 after finishing her first semester of veterinary school at the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine. She grew up in central Florida and moved to the DFW area after graduating from the University of South Florida in December of 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences.

Although her main focus is companion animal medicine, she has experience in wildlife, equine, and zoo animal medicine as well.

She is very grateful to be able to work in such a supportive environment and is looking forward to continuing to learn from Dr. Suh and the rest of the staff. Mika spends most of her free time in the company of her dogs, Wasabi and Moko.

Photo of Gabriella Ferrer

Gabriella  Ferrer

Veterinary Intern

Gabriella interned at Trail Pet Hospital in 2019, which led her to becoming a Veterinary Technician. She is interested in expanding her knowledge of veterinary medicine and hopes to one day become a Veterinarian.

Gabriella is currently an undergraduate student at Texas A&M University, where she is pursuing a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries with a concentration in Vertebrate Zoology. In her free time, she enjoys being a member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority.

Stephanie - Veterinary Nurse

Stephanie Zavala

Veterinary Nurse - Graduate in Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics

My journey through life led me to the Autonomous University of Hidalgo State, where I graduated with a degree in Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics.

Today, I'm steadfast in my commitment to pursuing a master's degree and eventually becoming a licensed veterinarian in the United States. Working with the dedicated team at Trail Pet Hospital, I've had the privilege of being mentored by seasoned professionals in the field. Their guidance has not only bolstered my knowledge but also instilled in me the unwavering motivation to achieve my goals. Balancing the demands of work and studies, I've found solace and rejuvenation in the great outdoors. Whether it's the thrill of cycling through scenic routes, conquering challenging mountain biking trails, or feeling the wind in my sails while sailing, these activities provide the perfect counterpoint to my academic and professional life. But beyond my career and studies, there's one constant source of joy in my life – cats. Their whimsical antics and affectionate presence bring an immeasurable amount of joy and warmth to my everyday existence.

Photo of Chastity


Practice Manager

Chastity was born and raised in Wisconsin and received her Associate’s Degree in the Applied Science of Veterinary Technology in Arizona. She worked her way up in the veterinary field by serving in a variety of roles, from cleaning kennels and caring for boarded pets to becoming a Vet Technician for 7 years. Chastity was later promoted to Practice Manager and was offered a full-time position to work with Dr. Suh at Trail Pet Hospital, where she hopes to continue to grow and build relationships with her new extended family!  Chastity currently has 3 pets of her own and loves to explore Texas.

“As a practice manager, I strive to ensure our clients and patients are taken care of and quality of care is consistently reviewed. I also help in all aspects of the hospital from answering phone calls to assisting in surgeries.”

Photo of Haylee Barksdale

Haylee Barksdale

Hospital Manager/Veterinary Nurse

Haylee has been a technician for 6 years, she began her veterinary career after studying animal science at LCU. She loves all the fur babies but has a special soft spot for corgis.

She is eager to learn more about the profession from Dr. Suh and further her knowledge to be able to work at a specialty practice in the future.

Photo of Clarissa Rangel, CVA

Clarissa Rangel, CVA

Lead Receptionist

Clarissa started her career in the veterinary field in 2017, where she had the privilege of working with Dr. Suh. In 2019, she began working at Trail Pet Hospital.

Clarissa is currently attending Cedar Valley College in pursuit of attaining her Veterinary Technician License and likes to spend time with her two Frenchies at home in her spare time.

“I believe Trail Pet Hospital is the perfect place to help me acquire the skills that I need to be successful in this field.”

Photo of Alexis Ojeda

Alexis Ojeda

Veterinary Nurse

Alexis joined Trail Pet Hospital in June 2022. He is a Dallas, TX native and graduated from the University of North Texas with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. He plans on attending Veterinary School in the future. As a student, he was President of UNT’s Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club and served as a college mentor for local high school students. Alexis also has previous experience volunteering at the SPCA of Texas working with both shelter animals and patients in their wellness clinic.

In his free time, he enjoys cooking, exploring the city with friends, and spending time with his dog.

Photo of Amy Galban

Amy Galban

Veterinary Nurse

Amy has been in veterinary medicine for over 17 years.

Photo of Kim

Kimberly Smith

Veterinary Nurse/Reception

Kimberly has enjoyed working in the veterinary field for the last 20 years. During that time she has been fortunate to gain experience in nearly all of the roles a veterinary hospital setting provides. A highlight of her career has been the opportunity to live abroad in American Samoa and volunteer alongside Animal Balance to help provide much-needed veterinary care to the island's dogs. While she continues to enjoy working with all of our furry four-legged friends, she has also grown to love working with their special people equally as much and can currently be found spending the majority of her time at our front desk. When not working, she can be found spending quality time with her own crew of pets, cooking, or enjoying a good book.

Tania - Veterinary Assistant

Tania Beltran

Veterinary Assistant

Tania is beginning her aspiring journey towards a fulfilling career as a veterinarian by joining Trail Pet Hospital. Eager to acquire invaluable experience before embarking on formal education, she found herself in a truly supportive and nurturing environment. Tania is immensely grateful for the opportunity to work and learn among dedicated professionals who share her passion for animal care.

Beyond her professional aspirations, Tania's heart lies in her time spent with her two beloved canine companions, Teddy and Bella.

Photo of Clayton Suh

Clayton Suh

Hospital Staff Assistant

Clayton has been with his father since 14 working at hospitals and assisting staff. He has been cultivating his knowledge and skills for over 3 years now. You can find him here running around the clinic helping staff and patients.

Anna Kim

Anna Kim, MD

Administrative Assistant

As the wife of the owner, Anna tries to help whenever she can with the everyday tasks of running a veterinary hospital.  Having practiced as a Pediatrician for 14 years and owning a hospital of her own in South Korea, she likes to give insight into how medicine is practiced in the human world.  While working at Trail Pet, Anna has noticed many similarities in the way pets behave in comparison to our human pediatric population.  It gives her great satisfaction in working with our furry friends here!

Having been in Texas for only one year now, Anna is currently vested in acclimating to the American lifestyle. Learning English is her top priority at this time.

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