Is Cold Laser Therapy Right for Your Pet?

Is Cold Laser Therapy Right for Your Pet?

At Trail Pet Hospital, we are constantly in search of the latest and most effective treatment options for our furry patients. We are pleased to introduce cold laser therapy, a cutting-edge technology that has revolutionized managing pain, promoting wound healing, and treating inflammation. Our goal is to provide the least invasive treatment options to enhance our furry patients’ quality of life. 

Understanding Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT), is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment that uses low-intensity wavelengths of light to accelerate healing. Unlike other types of lasers, cold lasers do not produce heat, providing pain-free, gentle care. 

Cold laser therapy safely and effectively enhances blood circulation, triggers cell regeneration, relieves pain, and reduces inflammation. It promotes the production of ATP, a molecule that provides cells with energy, boosting tissue repair and promoting healing. 

Is Your Pet a Candidate for Cold Laser Therapy? 

Cold laser therapy offers a non-invasive alternative solution to help support healing and pain relief in a range of conditions, including chronic arthritis, traumatic injuries, surgical incisions, and tendon and ligament injuries. It is ideal for most pets requiring a non-invasive solution to relieve pain or inflammation and improve their quality of life. Cold laser therapy is especially beneficial for pets with liver disease or older pets with decreased organ function who cannot take traditional medications. 

What Are the Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy? 

Cold laser therapy offers numerous benefits. It increases blood flow and boosts cell regeneration, promoting faster healing of wounds, incisions, and skin lesions. LLLT decreases nerve sensitivity, relieving acute and chronic pain caused by injury, inflammation, or degenerative diseases like arthritis. It reduces inflammation without the use of anti-inflammatory medication.

Cold laser therapy helps improve the symptoms of chronic diseases like diabetes, kidney and liver disease, lung congestion, stomatitis, constipation, and irritable bowel disease. It also helps manage musculoskeletal conditions like muscle strains, sprains, tendonitis, and joint disorders, such as hip dysplasia. Cold laser therapy offers an alternative treatment solution for a variety of skin concerns, including hot spots, dermatitis, lick granulomas, and a range of skin allergies. 

Our pet patients love their cold laser therapy sessions. The treatment releases endorphins, providing natural pain relief and providing an enjoyable experience. The non-invasive treatment offers a safe and gentle option to enhance your pet’s health and overall sense of well-being.  

What Happens During Cold Laser Therapy Treatment?  

We will apply the laser directly to your pet’s skin surface or just above the skin. The entire process may take from 5-20 minutes to complete. The treatment is gentle and does not require sedation. In fact, most of our pet patients enjoy their cold laser therapy sessions. 

What Happens After Treatment? 

Treatment responses may vary from patient to patient. Some experience immediate relief and improved mobility in just one session, while others may require several treatments before seeing results. Cold laser therapy draws on the body’s natural healing processes, so it can take time for its benefits to appear. Our team at Trail Pet Hospital will monitor your pet’s progress and make any needed adjustments for the best results.

Following cold laser therapy, most pet parents report dramatic improvement in their pet’s quality of life. Many regain mobility, become more playful, sleep better, and socialize more. Cold laser therapy for cats and dogs continues to show excellent results for most patients. 

How Many Cold Laser Treatments Are Required?

Multiple cold laser applications are usually required within the first week or two of treatment for the best results. From then on, treatments are scheduled further apart, followed by maintenance treatments for long-term wellness. 

Are There Side Effects? 

Cold laser therapy is a safe, drug-free option to support your pet’s health. The laser does not generate heat, so there’s no risk of burning or tissue damage. Treatment sessions are painless, requiring no recovery time or downtime. 

Cold laser therapy is well-tolerated by most cats and dogs, and serious side effects are rare. Some pets experience minor soreness or stiffness after treatment, but these should soon resolve.

Cold Laser Therapy Near Me in Dallas, TX

Contact Trail Pet Hospital today if you would like to learn more about cold laser therapy and how it can benefit your pet. Our veterinary team is committed to providing state-of-the-art care to promote healthy, vibrant lives. We invite you to call us at 972-629-9766 to schedule your furry friend’s appointment or request one online today!