Easing Your Pet’s Pain: Breakthrough Arthritis Treatments

Pet Arthritis Treatments

Has your furry friend seemed a little stiff lately? Maybe it is becoming harder to jump on the couch or go up and down those stairs. These could be signs of osteoarthritis (OA), a painful degenerative joint disease that can affect dogs and cats as they age. At Trail Pet Hospital, we are excited to introduce two innovative breakthrough treatments, Solensia and Librela. The FDA-approved monthly injections provide much-needed relief and a new lease of life for your furry family member. 

Understanding Osteoarthritis in Pets

Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis that leads to the breakdown of cartilage, causing the bones to rub against each other. It can affect any joint in the body, not just the knees and hips. The chronic condition can lead to inflammation, pain, and decreased mobility. 

The likelihood of developing OA increases with age, impacting a pet’s health and quality of life. The good news is that there are new treatments available to reduce OA pain and help restore mobility. Solensia and Librela are breakthrough monthly injectables that will allow your furry companion to enjoy life’s simple pleasures once again. 

Symptoms of osteoarthritis in cats and dogs may include the following: 

  • Decreased activity
  • Reluctance to play or exercise
  • Changes in stance or gait, like bunny hopping
  • Difficulty standing or jumping 
  • Inability to jump or climb stairs
  • Signs of pain, including flinching or whimpering
  • Behavioral changes such as unexpected aggression
  • Withdrawal or decreased social interaction

Solensia: Putting the Spring Back in Your Feline Friend’s Step

Solensia is the first and only monthly injection approved for controlling osteoarthritis pain in cats. The cat-specific monoclonal antibody therapy works differently from traditional pain medications. It targets a specific protein linked to pain and inflammation, preventing your feline friend from experiencing OA pain. The result? Reduced pain and increased comfort and mobility for your furry companion without the side effects associated with traditional medications. 

Librela: Giving Your Canine Companion More Days of Play

Librela ushers a new era in pain management. It is the first and only monthly injectable monoclonal antibody therapy designed to control pain in dogs suffering from OA. It targets a key driver of OA pain, reducing pain signals, restoring mobility, and enhancing your canine friend’s quality of life. Librela provides relief for dogs of all ages and stages of arthritis with impressive results. Our breakthrough OA treatment will help your furry friend rediscover the joy of jumping, running, and playing without pain!

Beyond Medication: A Comprehensive Approach to Managing OA

At Trail Pet Hospital, we believe in a comprehensive approach to managing OA. While Solensia and Librela are incredibly powerful tools in the fight against debilitating pain, we recommend lifestyle changes to support your furry friend’s health:

  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight: Excess weight puts an incredible strain on your furry friend’s joints. Our team at Trail Pet Hospital is happy to provide nutritional and weight management counseling to improve mobility and comfort. 
  • Regular Exercise: Gentle exercise can help maintain muscle strength and joint flexibility. However, it is important to tailor the activity levels to your pet’s abilities to prevent added stress.
  • Supportive Environment: Creating a supportive home environment can make a big difference for your furry friend. Steer away from stairs and make any needed accommodations, like using ramps, non-slip rugs, or elevated feeders to prevent added strain on the joints. 

Innovative Arthritis Treatments Near Me in Dallas, TX

Visit Trail Pet Hospital to learn more about how Solensia or Librela can help your cat or dog live a pain-free, active life. Dr. Suh and our dedicated team are here to answer your questions and address any concerns. We look forward to enhancing your pet’s health and quality of life. We invite you to call us at 972-629-9766 to schedule your furry friend’s appointment or get in touch with us online today!